Silkworm cocoons are composed almost entirely of protein. Silkworm cocoon protein is mostly fibroin - the tough, resilient inner core protein of the thread. Cera-Q is a specially prepared, proprietary enzymatic hydro - lysate of fibroin protein from silkworm cocoons intended to support brain health and mental functions. Historically silk protein hydrolysates have been consumed as food and in traditional Asian medicine for its purported health benefits, and its use as a prepared nutraceutical spawned from biomedical research on the hydrolysate.

Schematic structure of a silk thread in the silkworm cocoon.
Ref:scaffolds Based on Silk Fibroin for Osteochondral Tissue
Engineering, Res Dev Material Sci. No, 10 (2019)

Features & Benefits

Patented or pending worldwide
clinically tested
Helps enhance memory in normal, healthy people
Comprehensive safety profile



Researches & Patents

Silkworm cocoons are composed almost entirely of Our research team and our research partners are doing our best to find new functional dietary supplements for improving people's quality of life and happiness.

All new founded ingredients are studied and validified their safety and functions. Our final products backed by vigorous studies through human clinical trials, animal studies, and in vitro tests. We have over 30 worldwide patents which are registered or pending.

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Delivery forms

Cera-Q is derived from silk fibroin, the core structure of silk cocoon.
It is transformed into a unique sequence of peptides through proprietary enzymatic hydrolysate processes in powder form which promotes brain health for everyone.

We have developed variety of delivery forms from tablets to beverages.
Please contact us to begin your innovation with Cera-Q.

Cera-Q is a Nutranceutical ingredient intended for the dietary
supplements such as nootropics.

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